I Was Smished…

So, over the past week, I've received two quite interesting SMS phishing messages (also known as Smishing). I thought it would be worthwhile going through what I found as a result of the attempts to get my payment details, in the hope someone reads this and thinks twice about clicking unsolicited links. It happened like... Continue Reading →

Distribution Fraud – Fake University Orders

Fraudsters are imitating UK university email addresses to defraud UK and European supply companies. The fraudsters are registering domains that are, at first glance, similar to genuine university domains: xxxxacu- uk.org, xxxxuk-ac.org, xxxacu.co.uk. These domains are used to contact suppliers and order high value goods such as IT equipment and pharmaceutical chemicals in the name... Continue Reading →

FTC Issues Alert on Tech Support Scams

The Federal Trade Commission (US) has released an alert on tech support scams. Scammers use pop-up messages, websites, emails, and phone calls to entice users to pay for fraudulent tech support services to repair problems that don’t exist. Scammers have even used malicious browser extentions in google Chrome to slow the browser down, in an... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

2017... what a year for Cyber Security! From the global reach and publicity of the Wannacry Ransomware, to the massive 150,000,000+ personal records stolen during the Equifax data breach, to the Uber data breach and subsequent cover up... it's been a wild 12 months! I'm thinking 2018 is going to be as wild as 2017... Continue Reading →

Network Security Humble Bundle

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I genuinely just think it's a good offer... If you've never heard of "Humble Bundle", it's basically a website that sells discounted books, games, software etc. in return for a small donation (of your choosing) to charity. The more you spend, the more books you get! From time... Continue Reading →

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