Top 8 Cyber Security Podcasts

Why should you listen to Podcasts?

Firstly, they are free!

Secondly, I can’t even begin to explain how valuable podcasts have been in my learning and knowledge development.

You can read all the books you can find, read websites and blogs until you are blue in the face (please do!), but being able to listen to real discussions about various specific security topics can make you think more, and maybe introduce views on topics you maybe hadn’t considered…

There are hundreds of podcasts relating to Cyber Security, but this is my top ten list… With my reason why I love them!


1. Security Now

Hosts: Steve Gibson & Leo Laporte

Security Now! is a weekly podcast during which Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte spend nearly two hours (sometimes more!) discussing vital security concerns from the previous week!

Security Now goes into detail on some of the more technical aspects of security news, like explaining a reported vulnerability, and Steve Gibson has a way of explaining even the most complex of security issues in a very engaging and understandable way.

Having listened to this podcast for over a year now, with some backdated listening too… I’ve found the knowledge I’ve gained from just listening useful in other areas, such as my studies for CompTIA Security+.


2. Risky Business

Hosts: Patrick Gray

First established in 2007, Risky Business is one of the most highly regarded and most-listened-to podcasts in the information security space. Risky Business aims to take a lighthearted look at information security news and has earned a reputation for covering the most alarming hacks and gaining insights from guests in-the-know.

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3. Security Weekly

Host: Paul Asadoorian

Security Weekly covers IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, research, and related topics of interest for the information security community. Their goal is to reach a wide global audience to share insights and information that help them learn, grow, and become savvy security professionals. Hosted by Paul Asadoorian, Security Weekly has been going strong for 11 years.


4. Smashing Security

Hosts: Graham Cluley & Carole Theriault

Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault get together once a week to chat about cybercrime, hacking and online privacy. This podcast is more light-hearted than some others, which can be refreshing when discussing security news.


5. Unsupervised Learning

Host: Daniel Miessler

The Unsupervised Learning Podcast is hosted by Daniel Miessler, an information security professional and writer. Miessler digests three to five hours of reading about information security, technology, and people into a concise, 15 to 30-minute summarized podcast every week. There are dozens of podcasts in the Unsupervised Learning archive, providing a plethora of insights in a brief, entertaining format.


6. Defensive Security

Hosts: Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat

Not your typical vanilla tech podcast, Defensive Security is a nerdy but head-banging romp through hot malware trends that threaten SMBs and enterprise companies. Hosts Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat are well-versed in technical components of network security and work hard to articulate tangible lessons from data breaches for business listeners.


7. Exploring Information Security

Host: Timothy De Block

Exploring Information Security is, as the program’s name states, an exploration of the IT security space. Host Timothy De Block brings listeners into security culture by conducting interviews with thought leaders, live reports from conferences like DerbyCon, and technical explainer conversations about topics like cryptography, DDoS attacks, and threat modelling.


8. The Social-Engineer Podcast


Humans are often the weakest link in an organizational security chain. Social engineering, a time-tested hacker tactic, is the practice of tricking someone into revealing sensitive information like network passwords. The Social-Engineer podcast is an amalgamation of indie music, deep interviews with security experts, and a topical roundtable discussion about pretexting strategies companies are most likely to encounter.

Added Bonus:


Troy Hunt’s Weekly Update Podcast

Host: Troy Hunt

Troy is a well known, well respected Cyber Security expert, founder of, and blogger at Once a week, Troy sums his week up in a Video / audio podcast, and is well worth a listen!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you listen to any other podcasts, I’d be interested to hear about it… I’m always open to new shows! 😁

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